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Universal ideals of Indian culture are brought to life through the most modern exhibition technology. Shows, walk-through dioramas, audio-visuals, light and sound programs, and surround experiences within the 45,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space, educate and enthrall visitors. The Sahajanand Hall depicts the life of Lord Swaminarayan. The Mystic India (Sat-Chit-Anand Pavilion) addresses the quest for eternal happiness through a 14-screen Multi Media Show. The Nityanand Hall visualizes values from the Upanishads, Ramayan & Mahabharat. The Audio Animatronics Show features the lifelike assembly of statues that sing and speak.

Lord Swaminarayan
Lord Swaminarayan :
It is called 'Sahajanand', which is one of the many names of Lord Swaminarayan who was the incarnation of the God Supreme. The experience vividly carries you through the life and times of Lord Swaminarayan, bringing you face to face with major events of His life on Earth (1781 - 1830 A.D.).
Mystic India 
Mystic India:
Mystic India is an epic journey into the land and soul of India. This entertaining, educating and enlightening film was made originally in giant screen format.
Mystic India rediscovers India, a land of many mysteries and fascinations. A period film set 200 years back in time, it retraces the incredible journey of an 11-year old child yogi, Neelkanth. In 1792 AD, he walked for 12,000 km continuously for 7 years, barefoot and barebody, through the length and breadth of India, from the Himalayas to the southern sea-shores. The film explores unique elements of India based on this inspiring true-life story and journey of Neelkanth.
Upanishads are the very honored scriptures compiled by the sages and profound thinkers of early India. Various episodes explained in Upanishads guide us towards the the fundamental truth of the life and the values of morals. Here in this part of exhibitions, few selected episodes are presented in 3D dioramas. These dioramas show the values of obedience, faith and determination.
Some 8 episodes from the oldest epic Ramayan has been selected and displayed here with the most realistic effect. The 3D walk through dioramas create the era of Ramayan and gives the ever lasting impression of the spots. This section of exhibitions teaches the personality of Lord Rama, sacrifice of His brother Bharat, the devotion of His disciple Shabri, the continence of His brother Laxman and the understanding of His wife Sita.
From the great epic Mahabharat, some 7 episodes are selected and presented here in 3D walk through dioramas. Visitors learn here about Lord Krishna's service in His childhood, the sublime love of Gopis', Draupadi's marriage, Draupadi's prayer, Gita's Wisdom and Lord Krishna's friendship.
Audio Animatronics Show
Audio Animatronics Show:

Travel 200 years back in history and experience an assembly in the time of Lord Swaminarayan... It takes you 200 years back in time. Here people have an opportunity to experience an event that occurred 200 years ago through the aid off ultramodern audio-animatronics technique.
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