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It is not merely an epic; it is a romance, telling the tale of heroic men and women, some of whom who were divine. It is a whole literature in itself; containing the code of life, a philosophy of social and ethical relations and deep thought on human problems that is hard to rival.
Episodes from this epic about Krishna's service, Gopis' Love, Draupadi's marriage, Pandavas' loss in gambling, Draupadi's protection, the essence of Gita and the friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama are displayed through realistic settings.
Experience 1

The artistic panel depicts Krishna's flute and weapon. The Epic is woven around God, around heroic men and women and the divine message of social and spiritual value.

Experience 2

"Even Krishna served in the ashram"
The Sandipani ashram shows the heart of education where prince and pauper, God and humans all served as students.

Experience 3

"The Gopis' sublime Love"
Uddhavji is astounded at the Gopis' love for Lord Krishna. They saw the Lord everywhere, in the hills and rivers, trees and pastures !


"You'll need to concentrate"
A mini diorama of Arjun's concentration. Arjun prepares to pierce the eye of the moving fish by looking at its reflection below.

Experience 5

"Downfall through gambling, Grace through surrender"
You won't believe your eyes as you stand in the middle of the game! Pandavas have lost Draupadi in gambling and Lord Krishna comes to save her from the evil hands of the Kauravas ! God is only a prayer away !

Experience 6

"The Gita"
On the battlefield, Arjun refuses to fight. Lord Krishna reveals it as a battle between good and evil saying "Obedience to God is the highest good."


"God never forgets"
Sudama and Krishna were childhood friends. Krishna became King of Dwarika, Sudama remained poor. Years later, Sudama approaches Krishna, who places him on his throne and blesses him with wealth.

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