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Akshar DeriThe creator and organizers of Akshardham are the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS). The BAPS, a socio-spiritual organization with its roots in the Vedas, was revealed by Lord Swaminarayan in the late 18th Century and established in 1907 AD by Swami Yagnapurushdas. Founded on the pillars of practical spirituality, it reaches out far and wide to clear the confusions and questions that crowd the moral, social and material world of today. Its strength lies in the purity of its nature and purpose. The Sanstha strives to better the world by consolidating character in societies, families and individuals. This is done not just by mottos and slogans but by mass motivation and individual attention, through elevating projects for all, irrespective of class, creed, color and country.

The Sanstha's universal work has received many national welfare awards and the affiliation of the United Nations. Its International network has flourished into 2,200 Youth - 3,000 Children - 1,300 Women centers, 650 sadhus, 40,000 volunteers and the dedication of over One Million followers.

The hallmark of the Swaminarayan devotee is that he or she devoutly begins the day with puja and meditation, works or studies honestly and donates regular hours in serving others. No Stealing, No Adultery, No Alcohol, No Meat, No Impurity of body and mind - these are the five principal vows. Such moral purity and spiritual surety add a deeper brilliance to all the hundreds of social services performed for Better Life.

Today under the able leadership of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, this ever expanding organization has a special place in the heart of millions.

For detailed information on the organization, visit the web site: www.swaminarayan.org