Research Center AARSH:
AARSH stands for Akshardham-center for Applied Research in Social Harmony. It is a unique research institute that draws inspiration from the past, studies the present and prepares solutions for the future. Protected in the peaceful surroundings of the Akshardham Complex, AARSH serves as a seat of education. It is a result-oriented research institute, a novel study-action center where research does not rest till it reaches out to people in a practical way. Its ambition is to produce not just scholars, but communicators, not just theses, but ideas and ideals that mold life and society with a socio-spiritual harmony.
With wide range of activities, this research center brings the scholars of the society together to exchange the ideas and opinions to bring the social harmony.

Modern facilities for efficient research have been provided.
Library: A comprehensive library of over 7,000 reference works in English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil - covering the principal religions and schools of philosophy in India.
Archives: A wide collection of more than 400 books and manuscripts, some over 160 years old, are systematically catalogued for easy reference. Each article is passed through a special process of preservation.
Computer Network: Collection and cataloguing of data will become easy and efficient with the planned computer network. Researchers shall be able to access information at personal study stations.
Study Stations: For private study.
Research Scholars: Scholars are selected on the basis of merit of their application. The procedure includes a formal application to AARSH with the nature of research being conducted or proposed. Besides the five graduates who are at present being guided for their Ph.D. theses from AARSH, a further 7 students are receiving distance-learning help. The students include members of the University of Columbia (USA) and the University of Pennsylvania (USA).
For any other inquiries and information please contact:
Akshardham Complex
Maharana Pratap Marg, Sector 20
Gandhinagar 382 020
Gujarat INDIA

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