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Narayan Sarovar

Sacred Water Lake

Narayan Sarovar

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Where there is pure water, there lies a pilgrim place and therein the gods sport.
- Rig Ved 4.9.3, Bhavishya Puran: 1.130. 15

From Vedic times India has a glorious tradition of water pilgrim places in the form of rivers, stepwells and lakes. Following this tradition, a sacred water lake, Narayan Sarovar, surrounds the main Akshardham mandir. The lake contains holy waters from 151 rivers and lakes sanctified by Bhagwan Swaminarayan, including Mansarovar.
Surrounding the Narayan Sarovar are 108 gaumukhs, symbolizing 108 names of God, from which holy water issues forth. Fully-bloomed lotus flowers in the lake impart an inspiring message of purity and detachment.