Yagnapurush Kund

Musical Fountain

Sahaj Anand

Water Show

Based on the Kena Upanishad, this water spectacular show uses modern media to tell an ancient story. The 24 minute show is a breath-taking presentation of water, lights, music, lasers, projection, animation, fire and live acting. All of these elements bring to life a divine dialogue of the Devtas. Varun, Agni, Vayu, Surya and Indra come to realise the source of ultimate peace and everlasting joy, ‘Sahaj Anand’, after a dialog with kids who challenge their powers.

The show’s message is to live without ego and pride – a spiritual way of overcoming daily stress. Believing God to be the all-doer frees one from ego and pride and allows one to experience Sahaj Anand – true, deep, innate joy.

Unique in its message and presentation, the water spectacular show mesmerizes audiences and energizes spectators towards living a better, happier and more peaceful life.

The creative director of the Sahaj Anand Water Show is acclaimed French designer Yves Pépin. BAPS sadhus and volunteers made the whole production possible, with the sadhus and volunteers taking up responsibilities ranging from water engineering, construction, technical design, show engineering, show programming, music composition and mixing, mechanical effects design and fabrication.

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